Our distinctive design process provides for a Spatially-Immersive Total Experience (SITE) of your project, prior to construction. SITE is the integration of specialized tools and methodologies for the purpose of achieving early visualization for any project. PhiloWilke has been at the forefront of the use of technology to improve the design and construction of complex projects for decades. We embraced the “BIM” revolution at the very beginning when most of our competitors were cautious in implementing it into their design process. We understood the power of this data-driven design process and the impact it has for our clients as well as the future that Virtual Reality holds for our industry.


As a fully integrated BIM architectural firm, PhiloWilke’s uses a multitude of 3D tools, including SketchUp, Virtual Reality (VR), Revit, and Revizto. These tools are incorporated during all phases of the design process, including client reviews, quantity extraction for estimating, clash detection, energy analysis, and construction scheduling.

SITE virtual visualization is most effective in conveying complex 3D concepts, to demonstrate views and massing of building options.”

SITE is a completely immersive experience. Allowing all users to interact with the project space first hand, much like a video game. The owner will be able to walk thru and comment about the appearance, location and finishes.

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