In August of 2017, PhiloWilke completed the new Veterinary Hospital and Quarantine Barn Hospital at the Houston Zoo. This multi-phased project consisted of demolition of an existing barn, construction of a new barn, construction of a new veterinary hospital, and renovation of the existing hospital. The facility is home to many different species and encompasses unique aspects to accommodate the various needs of each animal. This project was unique in the fact that the Zoo wanted to focus on ensuring each animal area was the best possible version it could be rather than focusing on the people spaces. The vets were willing to lose square footage in their offices to create a veterinary hospital that would fit the animals’ needs for years to come. The owners and facilities groups visited veterinary hospitals all over the nation to ensure they were creating optimal flow and using the best practices. The facility includes labs, treatment areas, holding pens, necropsy, x-ray, surgery, and sterilization.