The Mike and Leslie Lowrey Emergency Services Pavilion is the newest addition to CHI St. Luke’s Health Brazosport Medical Center. Recognizing the need for more space in their existing emergency department due to an expanding population base, a new facility with expanded services was conceptualized. Early in the design process, a decision was made to not attach the new building to an existing structure, but to separate the buildings and create a courtyard with a Healing Garden to be accessed and enjoyed by all. Links from the Pavilion to the Hospital are provided at both ends of the courtyard. Access to the new facility drop-off and entry is also separate from the main hospital for convenience and controlled traffic flow. A glass curtainwall is provided at the main entrance to welcome incoming patients to the reception, check-in, and waiting areas; protection by an expressed horizontal shading device protects the reduce the amount of glare and heat. The materials for the addition were selected to compliment but not copy the existing hospital. The Pavilion introduces a unique palette of stone, wood, porcelain tile, metal panel, and glass to create a cohesive and contemporary, yet inviting exterior.